Frequently asked questions

Is “Twinning”  the same as the meaning of  “Jumelage” (which denotes a special bond between two towns or cities) and what does that involve on an official basis for the two towns?

It does indeed mean a “bond of friendship between two cities/towns. The objective of twinning is – in a general sense -  getting to know each other’s country, traditions and culture, either concerning organisations of both towns or through contacts of a personal nature.


Are Twinning visits structured around a prearranged (thematic?) programme? 

Each exchange focuses on meeting each other and learning from mutual customs.

Standard procedure is an official reception of the guests by the municipal administration. Besides, there are various and diverse cultural activities and there is ample time for hosts and guests to be together. The final evening traditionally includes informal speeches and presenting gifts to the host families.


What else can be expected from visits; when do they take place? 

Official exchanges are organised every two years, usually in June and last for five days, from Thursday (day of arrival) to Monday (day of departure).  The host town prepares a joint programme for both guests and hosts. Besides, host families and guests can spend time together and make up their own schedules during  “free” time”.


Who usually participate in twinning?

Originally, mainly members of clubs or organisations.  Nowadays, however, anybody who has an interest in twinning and is a resident of Cuijk or Maldon can take part.


How do I become a member? How can I become a host family?

Just contact the secretary of the twinning committee in your town.


What are the costs? 

An estimate is made before an exchange; you will be informed of the costs when you enter your name.


Is it possible to join (and to go on an exchange) if I do not have the space to receive guests?

As the system of host families is essential for a successful exchange this is not a preferable option.


I  don`t not find my question here; what can I do?

Please mail us: info@twinninglink.org We will mail or telephone you.

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