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The town of Cuijk is situated on the river Maas in the province of Noord-Brabant (extreme East, near the German border). The town established an official bond of friendship with the English town of Maldon, situated on the river Chelmer in the Eastern part of Essex.

This bond of friendship is commonly known as the Twinning Link.


Cuijk is an old town. The name Cuijk is derived from the Indo-German word 'Keukja’ which means ‘curve’ or ‘bend’. The town is situated on a bend in the river. The name “Keukja” was in the Roman days changed into “Ceuclum” and in the end it became the present day name of “Cuijk”.


Cuijk has always been an agricultural community. Nonetheless it was a town of some importance during the Roman occupation. Because of its strategic location on the River the Romans built a stronghold in Cuijk. They also built a bridge across the River,  remains of which were discovered in the Maas near Cuijk several years ago. The Roman road (Via Romana) which ran through Cuijk is outlined on the Tabula Peutingeriana, a medieval copy of a Roman roadmap.


In the 19th century Nijmegen and Venlo (Cuijk being the first stop) were connected by rail and thanks to stimulating measures from the Dutch government the Industrial Revolution reached Cuijk. This caused huge changes for the inhabitants of Cuijk. New areas had to be found for the many new industries that wanted to establish themselves in Cuijk. In the 20th century (with work still in progress) the Kraaijenberg lakes were formed as a result of sand digging activities. Those lakes now constitute a major form of recreation for the region.


Cuijk is also well known throughout the Netherlands (but also internationally) as being part of the so-called “four-days-march” of Nijmegen (the nearest major town). On the fourth day of this event some 35,000 walking fanatics cross the river Maas in Cuijk by means of a specially laid pontoon bridge. During the whole week Cuijk is buzzing and brimming with festivities.


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